Influenced Portraits

Alberto Giacometti inspired easier quicker sketches

I was a person who tried for hours to detail portraits, that would take 1-2 and half  hours including rubbing out constantly any unsatisfied lines or shades.  However I have now changed my tune considerably – reverse being,

everything is gesture drawing and absolutely NO! rubbering out. Don’t like ball it up or not, BUT start over it really saves time and you get additional practice!


I had some very basic “drawing” experience prior to interpreting the work of Alberto Giacometti. I practiced his application, the face, neck and shoulders structure from the collection of  sitting paintings. I began to create (with a lot of  practice) and produced surprising work that showed good invested time. A confidence toward the way I draw and paint. The first steps would be to focus on the inside of the subject.  start with the eyes then on to the shape of the skull. Doing this every time perps your portraits to acquire depth and atmosphere.



Seeing The Structure

Watercolour with fineliner

Using this concept and approach to my work gave me a new discipline to my drawing and how I apply the paint.


Layered Man

gouache and ink


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