Project-Dynamic color

Project shapes

Adding colour to the shapes for the base and stroke. By tweaking the stroke size and adding a background colour gives the shape a new dimension and a nostalgic design appearance. While developing this idea it was clear what theme would direct the final design.



project 2

The shape had been edited with the shape builder, by subtracting from the centre this allowed the proportion the remained constant and constrained when the brush (Arrow) was applied. applied. This was a to explore the effect of using brushes on a narrow shape.


A combination of triangles merged together

A combination of triangles merged together which will be the base shape for the applications.  However, this is a test shape to explore the flexibility for the brush at each stroke size. As each brush was applied to the shape the proportion distorted. working with the shape became interesting in the idea that one colour set at numerous tones can create depth and appear dynamic.

Project Development

For the self directed project, I considered working with geometrical shapes. Working previously on the mid-challenges making design  patterns and becoming more familiar with abode Illustrator. In addition to this, because I do not have much experience with the programs presets and the workspace, my aim of the project is to continue working with generating patterns, by applying brushes and colours.