12 Asymmetrical designs

12aymmetrcial design

To create 12 different asymmetrical designs, was quite interesting and challenging. Using only one design to create these solutions pushed my skills, but helped to form new ideas and experiments when using the pattern and brushes palette.


Bauhaus Interpretation

Bauhaus inspiredBauhaus inspired



Bauhaus Just using one letter and typeface, adapting their use of perspective, composition and design application with colour usage also.

A movement that shows simplicity but speaks volumes and has a very distinctive look that is trademark material. I admire bold colourful work and would like to work on producing work similar.

Room TC062

Room Tc062

The easels seem to be the main focus of the room and also because of the experience from the drawing classes. The composition used was inspired by how they can be seen through the door by everyone.

Urban landscape into vector






Firstly I selected a urban landscape, I used shapes to emphasize space between the buildings and color to create depth. The color helps to create a three dimensional effect by using lighter and darker tone. the gradient was the most successful because it gave the appearance of depth within the landscape.