An interpretation from Len Lye’s Tusalava animation. I really enjoyed developing and it was also quite time consuming this gif project so I’ve now decided to repost this.


Working with animation in Adobe Photoshop

Creating an animation can be time consuming, however I feel that photoshop has made it  easier in a sense that you use layers most of the time.  For instance, when using other types of programs for 2D animation it seems to be more complicated.  Where as, with Photoshop I followed a few simple methods, additionally it was a bit easier to use this feature having worked with photoshop for a long while.  The animation of (dolphins) can be seen in the uploaded GIF file.

Perspective views ( illustration of an arrangement of objects )

From the image scan of the illustration of arranged objects, I created a bolder outline in Illustrator. I duplicated and  arranged the objects and placed them in which they could appear to be behind or in front of each other. Additionally, I resized the objects to create an effect of distance between the objects i.e near or far. In contrast to this, I added a few colored circles of different shades to the Illustration (an arrangement of objects) to experiment with how this could create distance.